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upvc windows

Exploring the Advantages of uPVC Windows | Your Ultimate Guide

We live in a world where the options for home and commercial building finishes are vast and diverse. Among these, Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) windows have emerged as a significant player in the world of fenestration ...

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Cheap uPVC Windows

What is the Cost of Cheap uPVC Windows?

Cheap uPVC double glazing is no longer a rarity. Plastic windows and doors can also offer good performance. High durability, water-tightness and aesthetics are available at a very attractive price. Due to thermal and acoustic insulation performance, uPVC⁠ windows will also save energy and contribute to reducing your heating bills. An investment in uPVC windows might pay off in just a few years.

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aluminium windows

Top 5 Kinds of Buildings to Install Aluminium Windows: Are Aluminium Windows Right for me?

When answering the question of where aluminum windows work best, it is worth paying attention to many factors that affect their suitability in various types of buildings and settings. Durable, light weight and low-maintenance, aluminium windows are suitable for many uses.

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Example of Condensation on Windows

How to Avoid Condensation on Windows

In the winter season, condensation on windows can be a nuisance, but it should not be overlooked as it can result in severe issues. If ignored, it can cause harm to windows and furnishings, trigger the growth of mould and pose a risk to human health. 

Identifying the root cause of the issue is the only long-term solution likely to prevent condensation within a building. The initial step involves determining the reason for all the moisture indoors.

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Cleaning Windows Mould

How to Get Rid of Mould from Windows and Window Sills?

Even the most beautiful windows and window treatments can become unsightly when mouldy stains or mouldy growth appear on them. Grey, black, green or multi-coloured streaks and stains mean that even the most beautiful curtains or blinds will not solve the problem by simply hiding it. How to get rid of mould from the window? Read on and find out.

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Insulated Double & Triple Glazing

What are Insulated Glass Units and why Should you Want them in your Windows?

We are increasingly using advanced solutions in our homes, ones that, on the one hand, allow for more efficient energy saving and, on the other hand, increase the comfort of everyday life. "Insulated glass units", however unlikely this might sound, is one of such solutions. These can be used in windows and doors, from simple uPVC windows and standard French doors, to top-end aluclad windows and lift-and-slide patio doors, and are the more fancy way of describing what is sometimes generally known as "double glazing".

Manufacturers are offering them more and more often, and the interest in such solutions is growing, which is due to the numerous benefits they provide to users. What are glass units, what are their types and how to install them? Let's find out!

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Example of entrance doors

Cleaning and Maintenance of Entrance Doors

Exterior doors are exposed to the elements and weather, from heavy rain to snowfall to wind and pollution. In the spring, fresh sunlight and more time spent outside bring into focus accumulated dirt and possible damage. It is worth taking care of your front door, and what better time to do it than the time of the spring cleaning? In this way, the door will pay you back for all the care back with a long time of good service! How to best protect your front door and how to clean it so it simply looks good and works well for a long time?

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Example of bi-fold patio doors

What is the Best Patio Door System for Your Home? 4 Different Kinds of Patio Doors to Consider

Lift-and-Slide or Parallel Tilt and Slide? How about traditional patio doors, best known as French doors or the popular bifold doors? Home owners who are planning to purchase a new patio door for their home will no doubt be facing the question of which system to choose. But what do these names really mean? What technology is behind them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different systems?

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Ways Your Windows Can Keep Your Home Warm

Keep the Heat Inside: 5 Ways Your Windows Can Keep Your Home Warm

Nowadays, in the window industry, almost every element is designed to support the best thermal parameters for the entire window. The final result: creating and installing a warm, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and kind to the budget window, is the sum of many smaller technological advances and solutions. What exactly makes a window warm, airtight and heating-bills friendly? What should you pay attention to when making decisions about new windows or thinking about replacing the old ones? Find out in our blog post.

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new windows installed

How to Budget for New Windows: Understanding the Costs Involved

We often receive questions from customers about the approximate price of a window. Unfortunately, usually we are not able to provide an unambiguous answer without obtaining additional information in advance. This is because the times of standard windows are long gone, and many different variables determine the final price of a window. Today's article will explain how a few of those factors work.

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front door before and after

The Top Things to Know Before Buying a Front Door

Whether finishing a self-build, buying a new-build from a developer or refreshing an existing house, decisions about joinery are very important. In addition to selecting the right windows, you also need to carefully think about the choice of your front door, the main entrance door to the house. It will be, after all, used every day, often many times per day, for years and years to come. The door should not only look good, but also be functional and durable. In this article, you will find information about the most important factors to take into account when selecting the front door. 

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example of window condensation problem

Window Condensation - Why It Happens And How To Cure It

During particular months of the year, window condensation becomes a problem and a worry for people around the country. Fortunately, we have put together a comprehensive guide to where it comes from, why it happens, and how to get rid of it!

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people installing windows

Best tips for window replacement

Let's take a look at our top 20 tips for replacing your windows.

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people measuring windows

How To Measure Windows

How To Measure Your Windows For Replacement. What equipment do you need?

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example of trickle vent

What Are Trickle Vents?

The adjustable vents found at the top of a door or window are known as trickle vents and are designed with building ventilation in mind.

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example of UPVC door

Top 10 benefits of having uPVC front doors in your home

uPVC doors are the primary choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade. We stock a range of high-quality uPVC front doors that buyers love, so we’re explaining the reasons why they’re so popular here.

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example of composite door

8 benefits of having composite front doors in your home

Composite doors are often referred to as the king of front doors. They take a combination of materials to create a secure and high-quality product for all property types. While no front door is without its flaws, composite doors aim for perfection by leveraging on the benefits of each material at hand.

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example of wooden door

Top 10 benefits of having wooden front doors in your home

New doors can change the look and feel of any home. Whether you’re looking to save on your energy bills, block out sound from the road out side, or increase the value of your home, a good wooden door could be the perfect way to go.

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aluminium windows

Top 10 benefits of having aluminium windows in your home

Aluminium windows are becoming ever-more popular in the modern home. They’re sturdy, look great, and can last for years if fitted properly. You might be surprised to learn there’s a number of different styles you can choose from, too, so there’s definitely an option available to suit your home.

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example of UPVC window

Top 10 benefits of having uPVC windows in your home

uPVC windows are becoming the ever-more popular choice for homeowners across the UK. It’s not hard to see why - they’re a high-quality yet cost-effective option for most looking to movea way from traditional windows.

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example of wooden windows

Top 10 benefits of wooden windows

Though we’re starting to see more and more homeowners turn to uPVC windows, there’s most definitely still a time and a place for classic, wooden windows. Whether you’re seeking a more traditional look for your home or simply prefer something a little more eco-conscious, we’re with you all the way.

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