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How to Budget for New Windows: Understanding the Costs Involved

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Size & shape of the window

This might sound obvious, but size is one the most important determinants of a price of a new window. It's not simply because bigger windows are more expensive. The size of the window often determines what materials can be used, how large the individual glazing panels can be and what profiles can be used in the frame. Each of these aspects affects the final price.

The same goes for the shape of the window. Modern technologies allow for a creation of many unusual shapes. However, unusual shapes are made to a special order, and this significantly raises the price of the final product.

At Window4you, we offer custom as well as standard shapes and sizes, depending on the material, range and model. If you have any nonstandard requirements, get in touch and out customer service agents will sort out the best options for you and provide a fair price quote.

Material and production technology

Frame material is one of the most important factors affecting the final cost of windows. Depending on what material the window is made of, the price of the most expensive option can be several times the price of the cheapest. Currently, the most popular and at the same time the cheapest solution is offered by "plastic" windows made of uPVC. They are pretty universally suitable and will work in the vast majority of buildings.

Wooden or aluminium windows are more expensive. This is due to both their more difficult manufacturing process and a higher cost of the actual materials.

Wooden windows have an unmatched "classic" style and are great for historic buildings or houses built in the traditional style. Whether a farmhouse, a cottage or a Victorian villa, you can't go wrong with wooden windows. If your dream window design includes transoms or muntins or other decorative elements, wooden windows are a good option. Among timber windows, the prices can also vary depending on the type and species of timber. Softwood windows (typically pine) are cheaper than hardwood windows (such as exotic meranti or traditional oak).

Aluminium windows, on the other hand, offer greater load-bearing ability than uPVC or wooden windows, so they are ideal for designs that involve large, thus heavy glazing or those in which the strength and durability of the material is of particular importance.

It is possible to combine different technologies in a single project. Some producers offer uPVC windows with an aluminium-look veneer, for example. This could be useful when you want to create a coherent look without overspending. Let's say you invest in a large aluminium framed patio door, but save some money by choosing uPVC ⁠windows with a metal-like veneer.

Alu-clad windows sold by Window4you offer the best of both world at a top-shelf quality level, with a wooden window clad with aluminium to improve performance, durability and reduce maintenance. 

Glazing units

Another important element of the window construction, which can affect the price of the whole, is the glazing.

The type and construction of the glazing unit affects, among other things, the level of thermal insulation provided by the window. The better the thermal insulation, the higher the cost of buying a window will be. Most manufacturers today offer glazing units filled with noble gas (typically argon), sealed completely airtight, which increases the thermal performance of windows.

The price of glazing units is influenced by many factors – including how many chambers they have, what gas they are filled with, and what technologies were used in the manufacturing. Glazing units with better heat transfer coefficients, soundproofing or light transmission will naturally be more expensive than those with worse parameters. Glazing can play several other roles in any window or door. Sunproof windows have low solar energy transmittance coefficients. Other types of glazing are better at dampening the outside noise. When a standard pane of glass is replaced by two panes with PVB film in between, we talk about laminated glass. These are often used in anti-burglary glazing. Decorative glazing contains ornamental glass, with a unique character and appearance.

Products sold by Window4you contain double or triple glazing with a thermal coefficient of respectively, 1.1 and 0.5. The triple glazed unit is becoming increasingly more popular, especially in the time of rising energy costs, is made of three panes of glass with spaces between them filled with argon.

Additional options

In addition to basic solutions, window manufacturers can also offer customers additional options that are designed to increase the safety or comfort of use.

Integrating windows with smart home systems, installing additional reed switches, insect nets, roller shutters or blinds – all this increase a price of a window but provide additional benefits. It is up to the customer whether they consider these features necessary or decide to go without them.

Various types of equipment can also affect the price of the window. In some models, they come as standard, while in others you have to pay extra for those. As examples we can list such elements as: window brake; extra ventilation (to improve air circulation in the house); balcony latch; control of the degree of the window handle opening; brake controlled by the handle; anti-burglary fittings; alarm sensors. However, each such additional option should be discussed with your dedicated advisor, who will help you decide how useful they might be in your home.

Fitted window (supply-and-fit) or supply-only?

Finally, there is the issue of buying a window together with the fitting, or buying just the window and arranging the fitting yourself.

In the first case, the seller offers a comprehensive service with installation on site. Supply and fit, while could involve more of an outlay, is also simpler as all is arranged with the same contractor. Often, such a deal might extend the warranty period offered by the manufacturer, who can be sure that the team fitting the window will do it correctly.

However, the final decision, as always, belongs to the client, who decides whether such a solution is suitable. Supply-only deals might give you an access to models or materials not available from your local window fitters, and at better prices. At Window4you, we provide both a local supply-and-fit service AND have a supply-only option, allowing customers from areas outside of our installers’ range to take advantage of the excellent choice and quality our range of windows provides. 

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