Best Composite Front Doors Fitted Stoke on Trent

If you're looking for a front door that combines the high-end look and feel of a traditional hardwood door, highly engineered solutions, a composite door might fit your needs.

What is a Composite Door?

Just as the name suggests, the construction of a composite front door combines different materials. Composite doors consist of an outer frame, subframe and (usually but not always present in cheaper inferior versions) a solid core.

The outer frame usually uses galvanised steel, the subframe uPVC and the core is made of solid wood. This combination of materials gives a composite door its unique strengths, making for some of the most durable, strong and low maintenance solutions available on the market nowadays.

Why should I consider composite external doors?

They are very thermally efficient. Our composite exterior doors are manufactured from 44mm or 48mm thick, insulated panels that prevent heat loss.

They are highly secure. Both our composite front doors and composite back doors are very strong and equipped with secure locking systems even in their basic option.

They always look really good - and can be made to look unique, allowing you to stand out in the best way possible and enhancing the external appearance of your home for your friends, family, neighbours and, if you are selling, potential buyers.

They are very durable and (unlike timber doors) require very little maintenance. They won’t rot or wrap and will last for 30+ years on average.

What are GRP doors?

GRP means ‘’Glass Reinforced Polymer”, which is used to obtain the effect of wood grain on a GRP composite door’s surface.

Composite Door Designer

Design your own composite door using our special configurator.


Grey composite door? Black, white, or maybe red chartwell green composite door? Choose from among as many as 5000 composite door colours, select a style (from cottage and traditional options to sleek modern composite doors), decide on the glass (or pick a solid door) and choose your hardware: handles, knockers and letter plates galore.

This tool will not only allow you to see what options are available and how they look together, but also check composite door prices for your exact, customised design.

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