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Top 10 benefits of wooden windows

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Though we’re starting to see more and more home owners turn to uPVC windows, there’s most definitely still a time and a place for classic, wooden windows. Whether you’re seeking a moretraditional look for your home or simply prefer something a little more eco-conscious, we’re withyou all the way.

Here are 10 benefits of having wooden windows in your home.

1. Eye-catching
There’s no doubt about it - something about wooden windows simply draws people into a property. Frames can be stained, carved, or even painted to suit your home - and you’ll also have a choice of wood. At Windows4You, we offer pine, oak, meranti, and more.

2. Eco-friendly
While uPVC windows are recyclable, you can’t get any more eco-friendly than wooden windows. They’re actually capable of reducing Co2 in the atmosphere over time, and therefore come with a negative global warming potential (GWP). If you’re looking for ways to become more environmentally conscious, wooden windows are a great place to start.

3. Natural insulator
Wood is a natural insulator which helps to keep your home cosy and your energy bill slow. In turn, this is yet another reason why wooden windows are so eco-friendly, as you’ll also lower the emissions of your home.

4. Advanced technology
Timber windows have come a long way over the last ten years - they’re no longer the rotted away, discoloured frames we see in many a run down house. Wooden windows are now factory finished and treated against rot, lasting up to 30 years. They’re also UV and water-resistant for up to 10 years.

5. Simple upkeep
While we’ll admit that uPVC windows are the most low-maintenance option around, wooden windows need less maintenance than you might think. Factory-finished frames last up to 8 years before repainting as new technology has made it difficult for water to seep through.

6. Restoration
Wooden windows can be repaired and restored easily. Home owners don’t need specialised equipment or skills to keep their frames looking lovely over the years.

7. Long-lasting
Wooden windows can last up to 30 years when given proper care and attention. This makes them particularly cost-effective over time and allows the windows to grow old with your home, in style.

8. Added value
If you’re looking to add genuine value to your home, wooden windows are a great place to start. Newer wooden windows are known for their efficiency while also looking effortlessly beautiful. Wooden windows work to give your home an elegant feel that buyers will simply fall in love with.

9. Statement piece
Regardless of your property, wooden windows add style and impact like nothing else. Windows can be hand-carved to add extra value, while your choice of wood will improve the overall look and feel of the building.

10. Ability to fit double-glazing
When many of us think of wooden windows, we think of cold homes and single glazing. This, however, is no longer the case - and hasn’t been for quite some time. Wooden window frames can now be fitted with double or even triple glazing, combining traditional style with modern performance.

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