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Top 10 benefits of having uPVC front doors in your home

example of UPVC door

uPVC doors are the primary choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade. We stock a range of high-quality uPVC front doors that buyers love, so we’re explaining the reasons why they’re so popular here.

Here are the top 10 benefits of having uPVC front doors.

1. Increased security
uPVC doors are stronger than traditional wooden doors and are therefore much better at keeping unwanted visitors out. That’s because uPVC is wrapped around galvanised steel to create sturdy and secure doors. They’re extremely difficult to force open and most are anti-crowbar for added protection.

2. Style options
You’ll find a whole variety of uPVC doors on the market to suit every home. Look for varying colours and textures- you’ll even find doors with a wood grain finish to look like traditional wooden options. If you’re looking to secure your home with a front door that also looks great, uPVC is the way to go.

3. Insulating
uPVC front doors can help you to keep your energy bills down in the winter. They’re fantastic insulators - able to keep the heat in during the winter, and the cool air in during the summer. This means they’re also great for keeping your home dust, pollution, and pollen-free.

4. Long-lasting
Front doors made from uPVC can last up to 35 years - you won’t have problems with exposure as you would with a wooden front door. uPVC doors won’t warp or change shape and don’t need to be treated regularly to stay at their best.

5. Flame retardant
Tests have indicated that uPVC is naturally flame retardant, meaning it will not support or encourage fire. Our doors will keep flames at bay for at least 30 minutes, leaving your primary route open in the event of an emergency.

6. Cheaper
uPVC doors are cheaper to manufacture than wooden doors, meaning you’ll pay less for the privilege. Combine a cheaper purchase price with the money you’ll save on your heating bill and you’re off to a winner.

7. Low maintenance
The only maintenance you really need to perform on a uPVC front door is a quick oiling of the lock now and again. These doors are extremely resistant to outdoor conditions and therefore do not need treating for long-lasting results.

8. Noise reduction
uPVC doors don’t only keep the cold out, but noise too. If you live on a busy road, this could completely change the feel of your home. Choose uPVC doors to enjoy a quiet and relaxing living space.

9. Eco friendly
In most cases, a uPVC door will last up to 35 years before it needs replacing - making it pretty good for the environment when compared to other choices. uPVC is also very easy to recycle and place back into production.

10. Increased value to your home

uPVC doors can increase the value of your home for all the reasons listed above- they’re secure, long-lasting, and insulating. Make sure to purchase doors that suit the style of your home and potential buyers will find that they look great, too.

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