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Top 5 Kinds of Buildings to Install Aluminium Windows: Are Aluminium Windows Right for me?

aluminium windows

Residential buildings including family homes

Aluminum windows are commonly used in residential buildings, especially those that are located in places with harsher weather conditions, such as coastal settlements, where strong winds and even gales, seawater spray and volatile weather are all common. Aluminum window frames are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, which makes them much more long-lasting than standard windows made of uPVC or wood. In addition, they are easy to keep clean and generally, very low maintenance, which is another serious advantage of aluminum windows.

Any non-standard shapes, including very large

Another advantage of aluminum windows is that they are lightweight and fairly simple to manufacture in a variety of shapes. This allows them to be easily adapted and even custom-created for different sizes and shapes, which makes them an ideal option for non-standard window designs. The designs may be simple or complicated, but it's possible to create them using one extruded section. This ensures that the profiles are sturdy and long-lasting. In addition, aluminium is easy to machine, which allows for precise fabrication of the profiles into the final window frame. 

Moreover, aluminum window frame profiles are much narrower than wooden or uPVC windows, and significantly lighter for the same strength. This allows for a larger glazing area in proportion to the frame. This, in turn, allows for more light to enter the room and a better view of the outside. That is also why aluminium is commonly used for large patio doors with vast areas of glass, such as lift-and-slide doors.

Anywhere that requires ornamental or decorative finishes

Aluminium is a brilliant material for practical window frames, but it truly shines when it comes to packing a strong visual punch. It can be anodized or powder-coated which allows for a massive choice of colours (typically, the full RAL palette) and visually appealing and textured surface. 

The anodizing process entails immersing the aluminium in an acid electrolyte solution and passing an electrical current through it. This creates a robust, long-lasting, and decorative aluminium oxide surface that is then sealed to be resistant to corrosion. The aluminium oxide coating is firmly bonded with the underlying metal, ensuring that it will not crack or flake, making it exceptionally durable.

Commercial and public buildings

Aluminum windows also work well in commercial and public use buildings, such as office buildings or hotels. In such settings, while aesthetics are important, practical functionality is of paramount importance. Aluminum windows allow the use of various opening systems that allow for easy regulation of airflow in the rooms and affect the comfort of use. Using glass with improved acoustic or thermal insulation performance, possible in aluminium windows, makes aluminum windows an ideal choice for public buildings.

Industrial and storage facilities

Another type of site where aluminum windows work well include industrial and warehouse buildings. These often require large glazed surfaces, which must be resistant to mechanical damage and weather factors. Aluminum windows are the ideal solution in this case, because they are much more durable than PVC or wooden windows, which ensures safety and protection against damage.

It is also worth noting that aluminum windows are easy to maintain and keep clean, which is especially important in industrial buildings, where production processes often involve dust and other forms of dirt. Aluminum windows can be easily cleaned using ordinary detergents and water, which makes it easy to keep them in perfect condition for a long time.

Universally useful 

In summary, aluminum windows are a universal solution that works well in various types of buildings. Their advantages, such as durability, weather resistance, great sightlines, good aesthetics and practical functionality, make them an ideal choice for people looking for solid and durable solutions. Undoubtedly, aluminum windows are a prudent long-term investment, and will pay off in improved comfort, lower maintenance and other savings on the operating costs of buildings. We offer a selection of aluminium windows in our webstore, as well as a large variety of options available with fitting.

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