Top Quality Wooden Windows in Stoke on Trent


Wooden windows designed, made and fitted by Windows4you guarantee the highest quality and best value on the market.

Timber Casement Windows

These traditional windows open outwards on hinges. The main advantage of the outward opening casement windows is the convenience: we simply don't have to worry about any items on the windowsill. These also make for appropriate like-for-like wood replacement windows in older properties.

The wide range of customisation options for our wood casement windows, from shapes to colours, handles to muntin bars, will ensure that you can choose windows that suit the style of your property and your family’s need best, without compromising on quality, and at a great value price.

Wooden Sash Windows

Windows4you product range also contains modern versions of traditional timber sash windows. Our offer contains pre-tensioned spring balance sliding sash windows with a ‘’secret lift’’ mechanism, where the balances are hidden from view for a more streamlined look. The most traditional option, often used in conservation properties, is the cords-and-weights sash window.

Whichever you choose, our wooden double glazed sash windows combine the best of both worlds: the traditional appearance and feel with the high performance provided by modern technology and high production values.

Tilt & Turn Wooden Windows

Tilt & turn timber windows, common in continental Europe but more and more popular with British customers offer benefits of convenience, functionality and versatility.These windows open inwards, with the option of tilting the window open based on the lower hinges and a full or partial opening of the whole window based on the side hinges.

All our tilt & turn windows feature, as a standard, a safety lock that prevents wrong positioning of the handle and the window falling out of the hinge completely. In addition, we also offer protection against accidental full opening of the window, for example by a child: the tilt-first mechanism requires the handle to be turned twice to fully open the window.

What timbers are solid wood windows made of?

Our selection of timber windows includes windows made of several soft and hardwoods. All of these are certified sustainable.

In most of the systems, we can make wooden windows in the shape and size of your choice. In conservation areas, or if you are looking to replace some or all of your wooden windows like-for-like, we can provide a bespoke product that exactly matches your specification.
What type of wood are your windows made of?
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Areas and towns we typically serve include:

Stafford, Crewe, Telford, Newcastle Under Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Shropshire.

For larger projects, we travel further.
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