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How To Measure Windows

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Windows don’t last forever, and it may be time to refresh yours, whether it be to modernise the look of your home or to save yourself some money on energy bills. Whatever the case for your window replacement, getting accurate measurements is an absolute necessity. Thankfully, we have come up with a handy guide to help even the most novice of DIY-ers.

What Equipment Do I Need?

• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Paper

How to measure windows, Step-by-Step Guide

Unit of measurement – It is always best to use metric rather than imperial measurements, simply because they are more accurate. Measuring to the nearest millimetre is far better than measuring to the nearest inch, for example. There is no room for error when looking to have new windows made, and most manufactures will convert your measurements to metric anyway.

Measure from outside – You should always step outside to record your window measurements. Look for the brickwork openings and measure across both the width and the height of the glass. It is worth noting that the height should be measured from beneath your removable windowsill if you have one, to ensure that you get the full height of the glass needed. If there is render in the way, simply remove some until you are able to measure to the edge of the brickwork.

Take multiple measurements – There is no guarantee that the window opening is going to be an exact square or rectangle. Therefore, you should look to take multiple measurements. We suggest taking one from the top, one from the bottom, and one from the middle for both the height and the width; so that is six measurements. This way, your manufacturer can get a really precise idea of the exact shape and size.

Take away 10mm from your measurement – This may sound like a strange tip, but it is an important one. Once you have your width and height measurements, you should take away 10mm from each. This is to ensure that the new window frame is able to sit squarely, and the fitter has an allowance when installing the frame. Don’t worry, any gaps left over will be fitted with spacers and then filled to ensure that everything stays in place.

Ignore your old frame – Never measure your old window frame. This is completely useless as a frame of reference. It may have changed and warped over the years and taking measurements from it would be a huge mistake.

Double-check – Remember, this is all about the measurements, so you need to be certain of the numbers. Double and triple check each measurement to be sure. If the measurements are incorrect, it will not go down as the manufacturer's fault, and you will still be required to pay for the window that doesn’t even fit.

For those who are unsure about the measurements, get a professional windows installer in to do it for you. At least this will guarantee accuracy and give you some peace of mind.

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