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Best tips for window replacement

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Window replacements are an important part of home renovation, not only giving your rooms a much-needed face lift but also adding potential value to the property. Whether you want to brighten a room, improve your decor, or conserve energy, replacement windows are the key.

Let's take a look at our top 20 tips for replacing your windows:

1) Vinyl window frames require less maintenance than wooden frames

2) Look to match the style of your windows with the style of your fixtures and cabinet

3) Tilt-in windows are far easier to clean inside and out.

4) When a manufacturer offers warranty, check that it covers the frame, sash and insulating units, not just the glass.

5) Research glass window energy efficiency and go for windows with fusion-welded vinyl corners and Low E glass.

6) Impact resistant glass is good for areas that suffer with storms, or even if you live next to a golf course!

7) Laminated safety glass can be a helpful feature if you live with children in the event of an accident. This is also puncture resistant which makes it hard for intruders to break through.

8) Noise pollution can be limited by laminated or impact-resistant glass.

9) Not every window needs a grid, especially if you have a beautiful view you want to preserve.

10) Ask for proof/paperwork from the installer to show the team is insured and bonded.

11) Fill in any required warranty forms ASAP and keep them safe.

12) Always double check the measurements of the new windows before removing the old ones. The last thing you want is to be left with no windows at all.

13) Before the new windows are installed, replace any rotted wood.

14) Insert all installation screws that came with the new window.

15) Seal all interior and exterior joints with caulk or sealant.

16) Keep all furniture or climbable objects away from the window when dealing with small children.

17) Do not just shut your windows, lock them too as it keeps out drafts and air leaks.

18) Never pressure wash screens or windows as it may damage them.

19) Mesh can be dented or damaged if too much pressure is applied.

20) While in storage, keep window screens covered with plastic or a sheet.

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