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Low Threshold UPVC Doors by Windows4You in Roughley

Low Threshold UPVC Doors by Windows4You in Roughley

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In the heart of Roughley, Windows4You had the privilege of embarking on a project that's about more than aesthetics or weather resistance. It was about empowering accessibility and promoting an inclusive living space. The project's focus was the installation of low threshold UPVC doors, specifically designed for easy wheelchair access, with Part M threshold, for a person with mobility issues.

Reimagining Access with Low Threshold Doors:

In any living or working space, ease of access holds paramount importance. However, for those with mobility impairments, traditional door structures can pose significant challenges. This is where low threshold doors come into the picture. These doors are designed to minimise the barrier between the interior and exterior, enabling easier and safer access, particularly for wheelchair users.

In this project in Roughley, Windows4You installed a low threshold UPVC door, specially tailored to accommodate the client's specific needs. These doors, apart from ensuring ease of access, also bring with them the classic benefits of UPVC doors: durability, thermal efficiency, and minimal maintenance.

Part M Threshold: A Standard for Accessibility:

Adherence to the Building Regulation 'Part M' was a crucial aspect of the project. Part M threshold is a building regulation in the UK that mandates accessibility in buildings, particularly for disabled individuals. The threshold refers to the door's bottom section, and a Part M threshold means it's specifically designed to be flush with the ground, removing any potential obstruction for wheelchair access.

In line with the regulations, Windows4You ensured the installation of a Part M threshold for the door in Roughley. This not only abided by the UK building codes but also enabled the residents to navigate the doorways easily, ensuring their home is as accessible and comfortable as possible.

Windows4You's Commitment to Inclusive Installations in Roughley:

In the peaceful setting of Roughley, Windows4You has added another feather to its cap with this thoughtful installation. Our commitment to providing inclusive solutions that cater to all individual needs, regardless of physical ability, is unwavering. This project, with its focus on accessibility, has been one of our many steps towards that goal.

By installing a low threshold UPVC door with a Part M threshold, we transformed the home into an easily accessible space, especially for wheelchair users. This perfect blend of convenience, functionality, and aesthetics once again demonstrated our commitment to providing holistic home improvement solutions.


The successful completion of this project in Roughley mirrors Windows4You's commitment to its customers and community. We believe in creating comfortable, accessible, and beautiful spaces for everyone. By including specific needs such as low threshold and Part M compliant installations in our services, we ensure that every project we undertake enriches our clients' lives in their homes.

If you are in Roughley and looking for home improvement solutions that prioritise inclusivity, Windows4You is the perfect choice. With our wide range of products and dedicated service, your dream of a beautiful and accessible home can come true. We guarantee high-quality, reliable, and empathetic solutions, tailored to your unique needs, promising an experience that goes beyond your expectations.

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