Timber Windows by Windows4You, Stoke-on-Trent. Staffordshire, Cheshire


Especially suited to period houses, we can supply timber windows to recreate any traditional design from Victorian sash windows to Edwardian or Georgian style timber windows. Timber windows are perfect for listed buildings & conservation areas, our Victorian style sliding sash windows can comply with the relevant requirements.

Our Timber windows are available as both casement and tilt & turn. For the production of timber windows we use only the best quality wood. The most popular type of wood is pine, oak and meranti, however, we can also make windows from other types of trees on request. The wood we use is 80 – 100 years old and FSC certified, guaranteeing that it’s sustainably sourced and not disturbing the ecological balance.

Available in a wide range of combinations, sizes and colours, timber casement windows are incredibly versatile. We supply casements in a range of sizes and configurations, depending on your requirements. Tilt & turn timber windows allow you to fully open the window with the turning mechanism, and are perfect on the first floor of your home, as you can clean the exterior of the window easily from inside the room. In the tilt position, the window can be tilted inwards to provide a secure way of letting fresh air into your room.

Popular styles:

Traditional cord hung & spiral hung windows

Sash window bays & fixed sash windows

Vertical & horizontal sliding sash windows

Vertically sliding secondary glazing windows