Patio Doors For Patio, Terrace, or Deck Areas in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme


Ideal for direct access to a patio, terrace or deck area, there are a range of patio door styles available. Speak to our expert adviser to discover the best choice for your home.

The key to a great sliding patio door is smooth motion and noiseless glide. We use Linear uPVC doors that provide an effortless opening mechanism. Fitted with a multi-wheeled ‘air glide’ system the door is perfectly balanced as it moves along its track.

French doors are a classic design that suits most properties and can be tailored to open in or out, to suit the requirements of your home. Choose from a variety of colours, or opt for a traditional wood-grain effect.

In addition to sliding fully open, our tilt & slide patio doors can tilt and lock into a partially open position to allow ventilation, without reducing security.

Key benefits:

Access to a patio or decking area

Maximum amount of daylight

UPVC and Aluminium options available (please ask for more details)